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Counseling is my second career, my first was in information technology. But discovering my own answers inspired me to become a mental health counselor over a decade ago.

Traumatic experiences over the course of our lives can leave behind persistent sadness, anxiety, and loss of who we are and how to be happy. Relating to others becomes confusing and dissatisfying, and often results in abusing alcohol, drugs, food, and other substances. Minimizing our difficulties saps our energy and the well-being vital to living authentic, joy-filled lives. 

Many times all someone needs is a caring friend, a new job, or even the right self-help book. But some times everything we try as an individual, as a couple, or as parents fails and we become stuck. 

I believe that therapy, daily practice, and self-empowerment can resolve what's blocking you and your relationships from a fuller life experience and give you the needed insights and skills to transform and heal.