Solstice Renewal & Inspiration

The summer solstice is an opportunity to pause and appreciate the renewal that has blossomed throughout spring, reinvigorating our senses and spiritConscious appreciation and gratitude can lift our spirits and help us find meaning in our lives.  Pick any or all of these tips for celebrating the summer solstice to get re-inspired for the rest of 2014!

  1. Get outdoors - walk in the park, sit in your front yard, go for a hike. Be inspired by the beauty of our natural world!
  2. Watch the sun rise and set - appreciate how the natural light elevates our mood.  Close your eyes, breathe deeply and bask in the warmth and longevity of the sun's rays on the longest day of the year!
  3. Write down 6 things you're grateful for - people, places, or experiences you value having in your life.  It feels good to acknowledge what brings you joy and contentment!
  4. Create 6 intentions to connect, awaken, heal, and thrive for the next 6 months.  Keep them simple to help you bring your inspiration to life!
  5. Share a meal with friends and familyGive thanks for the plants, animals, water, and hands that bring us sustenance.  Have each person share their gratitude for something in life they appreciate or express an intention for the rest of the year.

 Already booked for the 21st?  You can do any of these any time - draw out the celebration as long as you want!

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