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Tap into your entrepreneurial brilliance

Having a successful business focused on creating a positive impact on people's lives and the communities in which we live and work is incredibly meaningful.  Whether you're exploring how to launch your own business or want to take your existing business to the next level,  business consulting will provide you with the support you need to share your particular brand of brilliance and passion with your community. 

Launching, growing, and maintaining a successful business can be incredibly overwhelming to organize, prioritize and execute your business plan, whether it's to launch a new business or take your current business to the next level.  Having the right support in navigating the legal, administrative, organizational, marketing/web/advertising, and networking aspects of a business let's you focus on providing your clients with the services or products you're passionate about. 

*please note that while I may draw on my experience and training as a Professional Counselor in working with clients who seek out my business coaching, consulting, and speaking services, these services are for informational/education purposes only and do not constitute or serve as a replacement for mental health counseling.