provided through The Synergy Collective

Reach new levels of success with a synergetic workplace

The success of a business or organization lies not just in the quality of the product or service, but in the efficiency and efficacy of the team working to make it all happen.  Synergy in the workplace means that more can be achieved together than can be done individually - however this is easier said than done.   Differences in personalities, communication styles, and leadership strategies can create conflict that erodes business success. 

Whether you have a small business or work for a large corporation, organizational consulting is designed to help you and your team develop and fine tune the interpersonal communication and leadership skills need to create a thriving, synergetic business structure and culture.  Workshops are designed to pair communication and leadership strategies with experiential activities to make those strategies come to life in the present moment.  Workshops can be conducted in a board room or combined with outdoor activities that utilize the beauty of the Rocky Mountains and our natural surroundings to enhance your team-building and skill development experience.

*please note that while I may draw on my experience and training as a Professional Counselor in working with clients who seek out my business coaching, consulting, and speaking services, these services are for informational/education purposes only and do not constitute or serve as a replacement for mental health counseling.