Do you want to bring more connection and joy to your relationship?

Has the passing of time and shifting demands from work and family impacted your relationship? 

Are you in a relationship in which you love each other dearly but feel disconnected and uncertain how to find your way back to each other? 

Perhaps your relationship is already strong and you want to create an even stronger foundation of communication, passion, understanding, and support as you continue building a life together. 

Whether you're a newer couple wanting to create more ways to grow together or long-time partners wanting relief from growing distance or heightened conflict, couple counseling creates a space where you and your partner can awaken the fire in your relationship.  We'll create an environment of trust, compassion, hope and healing where you and your partner can transform your relationship.  In couple counseling, we'll work together to:

  • identify and understand your patterns of relating and responding to each other, including how those patterns were formed;
  • explore how each of you give and receive love;
  • develop effective ways of communicating that enrich your relationship, beginning with a greater understanding of our patterns of verbal, emotional, and physical communication;
  • establish practical ways to minimize, manage and reconnect when conflicts arise;
  • learn how the brain and body affect how we think, feel and behave in relationships and how we can partner with body, brain, emotion and spirit to enhance your relationship;
  • remember how your differences are assets and use those to create a larger relationship container that has space for both of you;
  • engage in regular connecting rituals to enhance the good times in your relationship
  • transform difficult times into opportunities to create depth not distance in your relationship.

My focus is on helping you discover and create the relationship you and your partner envision by tapping into the wisdom and answers that already live within both of you.  We'll look at how you each have ways of being which were intelligent responses to the world you grew up in; at the same time we'll explore how to open to the possibility of transforming these old responses into new ways of relating that can help bring your relationship vision to life. 

I'm happy to speak with you directly to discuss how I can help you and your partner create the relationship you desire. Please call 720-463-2604 or email me to set up your free 20-minute initial phone consultation or schedule a full 75-minute session to begin cultivating your best relationship!