In an effort to reach more people, particularly those exploring adoption, trauma, and personal & spiritual growth, I offer immersion counseling that is tailored to your individual needs and desires, followed by online consulting to help you integrate your journey into your life back home.  You'll have the opportunity to connect, awaken, heal, and thrive through our explorations in your personalized sessions, through integration of body and energy work offered by local wellness professionals, all while soaking in the natural healing beauty of the Rocky Mountains.

To learn more about these opportunities and how we can best create a personalized counseling immersion retreat to enhance your growth and healing, please contact me via email or call 720-463-2604.  Please also keep an eye on The Synergy Collective website for a series of group workshops & retreats where you'll be able to combine your personal journey with other like-minded individuals seeking growth in community.  These opportunities are open to you whether you live out of the area and seek to explore outside your typical routine or live locally and would like to use the natural ebb and flow of our seasonal economy to create a power-packed growth and healing experiences