Adoption Now Podcast

In March I was grateful to have the opportunity to be a guest on April Fallon's Podcast Adoption Now. I shared my story of being adopted and what it was like to have an open adoption, with extensive contact with my birth parents.  I'm hopeful that sharing my story will help others explore their own adoption story, understand the experiences of loved ones, and learn to navigate the dichotomies that are inherent in adoption.

Lots of news!

2015 has been a busy year so far!  Create Connectivity is now a full counseling practice, recipient of a $2500 grant from the Colorado Counseling Association, implementing inspiring new approaches, and has moved to new office that will allow Create Connectivity Counseling to become something much bigger and impactful in the coming months!  Click here to see what's been going on!

Seasonal Connectivity: An Alternative Perspective on Seasonal Depression

An Alternative Perspective on the Winter Blues


During fall and winter, part of the earth’s energy draws down into the roots and soil for preservation until spring.  As the season changes, many people experience changes in mood, energy, sleep, and hunger patterns.  It's no wonder that during these seasons we experience more contrast between the shift in our internal energy and the continued societal demand to maintain a dizzying pace.  For some people, this contrast becomes deeply rooted during fall and winter, resulting in seasonal depression that clears in the spring. 

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