5 Common Mistakes that Hurt Relationships + What Do Do Instead

Despite our best intentions we often fall into habits in relationship that can sabotage our sense of connection, partnership, and passion. Combined with our family and relationship histories, Western society’s focus on instant gratification, unrealistic expectations (thanks, Hollywood) and valuing independence over interdependence leads us to behaviors and perspectives that limit our ability to become and stay connected.

Fortunately, there are practical remedies that can strengthen our relationships. Read my latest article (published on MindBodyGreen.com) for tips on how to take five harmful habits and replace them with five relationship-enriching remedies!

Solstice Renewal & Inspiration

Why wait until New Year's to give your life a breath of fresh air? The summer solstice is an opportunity to pause and appreciate the renewal that has blossomed throughout spring, reinvigorating our senses and spirit.  Conscious appreciation and gratitude can lift our spirits and help us find meaning in our lives. 

Try these 5 ways to celebrate the solstice, bringing renewal, connection, and purpose to your life and relationships! 

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Mindfulness for the Over-Scheduled Soul

So often we find ourselves rushing through our daily life, missing out on chances to be more mindful of the present moment.  Even if you're not able to create a sitting mindfulness practice, you CAN be mindful throughout your day! 

Keep reading for my tips on how to bring mindfulness to your daily routine, recently published by MindBodyGreen

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